the history of Mimi OOSH


Mimi OOSH Cronulla is a privately run service that was established in the 1950s by Judy Hewison and her mother Mimi. Judy and Mimi's aim was to meet the child care needs of working parents for outside of school hours care, across the Sutherland Shire. As a result of this, Mimi's OOSH Cronulla has been successful in providing thousands of children with a high quality Out of School Hours programme.

Our programme has enabled the children in our care to enjoy a safe and caring environment that promotes leisure, play and development of lasting friendships with peers and carers. Mimi OOSH also embraces the diversity of the families within the service and as such adapts the service delivery to include and support this diversity. read more


Mimi Out of School Hours Care was initially run within the kindergarten in John St, South Cronulla and in other local locations until 1994, when the service moved to Cronulla Public School. View map. The service has remained here since. Mimi OOSH Cronulla is licensed to accommodate 52 children each day for before school care, after school care and vacation care. Our out of school hours programme includes a fantastic vacation care programme, for parents of any child to take advantage of.



As the first established OOSH care centre in the Sutherland Shire, and one of the first across the whole of NSW, we continue to hire only the highest quality candidates, as our educators. They are trained specifically in out of school hours care, to cater to the individual needs of your child. At Mimi's we are staffed at above the recommended educator to child ratios as we believe this aids us in the continuity of quality care.

Mimi's Wonderful history

Mimi Childrenís Guest house was originally founded in 1952 by Daisy Nina Hewison, also known as Mimi. Mimi is the late mother of Judy Hewision whom still is the Owner/Operator of this service. Mimiís story begins in 1946 when she moved to Cronulla with two small daughters soon after the Second World War, firstly renting premises at 59 Ewos Parade Cronulla where Mimi Childrenís Guest House was established, then purchasing no 61 the family home that become Mimi Childrenís Guest House in 1962. In the 50ís the demand for a long day care arose. Mimi moved from Ewos parade to our current address at 10/12 John Street Cronulla.  

Mimi went into partnership with her daughter Judy Hewsion the premises was renovated to council speciationís and thus commenced the Mimi Childrenís Guest House now known as Mimi Kindergarten. At the time Mimiís was established, there was very little childcare available except in institutions such as boarding schools, So Mimi decided to meet the gap particularly for sole parents, and parents working odd hours, this was very forwarding thinking for this time. 

Mimiís personal experience as a nurse and shift worker in Queensland made her aware of the needs of working parents with no family nearby to assist. Children travelling internationally and from interstate, children whose parents were ill or children who parents were on business were all eligible for Mimiís unique early services. Mimi Childrenís Guest House accepted permanent boarders who would stay everyday but Saturday, Holiday children resided for the full week. Several foster children lived most of their childhood and teenage years at Mimiís. 

Upon reaching school age children attended the local infants and primary school and most returned for before and after school and vacation care. All children were encouraged to attend classes in dance, music, guides, brownies, soccer or cadets. Children were encouraged to participate in these activities and did so wether the families were able to finance them or not. ďAs a result Mimi Kindergartenís business was not always a profitable oneĒ.  

During the 1960ís Judy Hewison saw the need to support families who had difficulties with delivering children to and from the service and school without transportation of their own and that was the beginning of the Mimi Bus service originally a Combi Van and since a series of busses that have made 1000ís of trips around the shire collecting children from home to school, the Mimi Kindergarten and OOSH Bus service continues to serve the local community.  

As of 1988 records had shown that 68 staff and volunteers have worked at Mimi Kindergarten and OOSH in the past 24 years Mimi Kindergarten and OOSH has had at least half this amount again. One of the unique aspects of this service is the Long term employment of staff. Also unique to Mimi Kindergarten and OOSH is the fact that many children who themselves attended this service have now enrolled their own children. Mimi Kindergarten and OOSH continues to operate with the same ďPhilosophy and principles that have applied over the years and have contributed to a long and successful history. Mimi Hewison was nominated for a Shire Senior Citizen Award, and she also received recognition for her work when she received inaugural Cronulla Rotary Club Pride of Workmanship awards.  

In 1995, the Minister for Community Services Mr Dyer, presented Mimi Hewison at Parliament House with a special award for her service to children as part of the celebrations for National Childrenís week. Judith Hewison Mimiís daughter continues the tradition with 50years as Owner Operator providing service to the local community.